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Meet this year's 7 Bridges Walk Ambassadors


"Battling cancer is really tough and raising money to fight cancer can be hard work as well. But the 7 Bridges Walk makes fundraising so easy. All you have to do is get sponsored, then walk over, around and beside the best harbour in the world with family or friends. You will be doing so much good with each step so please get involved. I hope to see you there.
Seven News anchor, Mark Ferguson


What are you most excited for at Cancer Council's 7 Bridges Walk this year?
It's a fantastic event that every year seems to outdo itself. There's nothing better than seeing the local community come together - not just by being there on the day but walking as far as their feet will take them. It's a really lovely day out.
How many years have you participated in 7 Bridges Walk?
This year will be my seventh walking the 7 Bridges Walk with Seven News. Trying saying that five times fast!
Why do you participate in the 7 Bridges walk?
It's such a wonderful way to take in our beautiful city and do a little bit of exercise; all while raising lifesaving funds for cancer research. It's a great day out for the whole family.
Do you have any tips for the day?
Stay well hydrated, apply your sunscreen and hat, wear your most comfortable joggers and don't forget to look up and take in our fabulous city.
7News has supported the event for many years, what's your favourite 7 Bridges Walk memory?
Way back in 2012, two of my sons, Jack and Ted eight and 12 at the time - walked with me. We had a great day. But I think just meeting the many people along the way - those walking in memory of or to support their loved ones, their friends, colleagues, classmates all battling the disease. Truly inspiring people.
What's your favourite part of the Walk?
That moment you step foot on the Sydney Harbour Bridge along with thousands of other people, it's powerful knowing we've all come together to raise much-needed funds and awareness for such an important cause.
Why should the community get involved and fundraise?
The harsh reality is too many of us know someone who is battling or has battled cancer. Many have lost their lives and some have come out the other side. We can all do our little bit to support them. I'll see you on one of the 7 Bridges on Sunday 28 October.


Yumi Stynes is a writer, broadcaster, TV presenter, food fanatic, fitness enthusiast and mother-of-four and has fun sharing her experiences and wry observations on food, family, art and love.

Yumi kick-started her career back in 2000 when she won the Channel [V] music reporter search and overnight became an Australian household name. During this time Yumi was also writer for various publications where she went on to join Network TEn's Logie winning morning show, The Circle, and in 2011 was part of the team who launched ARN's successful 3PM Pick-Up - A show that speaks directly to mums and makes that hectic school run period just a little more entertaining.

Ealier this year, Yumi published her first book "The Zero Fucks Cookbook" and is the host of a new ABC podcast called "Ladies, We need to Talk" which dives headlong into the tricky topics we often avoid.

Yumi combines a unique take on the world with a natural joyfulness. Her life experiences, from being a mother of four, to growing up half-Japanese in rural Australia, or being in a rock band; have all made her a versatile, intelligent and witty presenter.

Yumi can be heard right across the KIIS Network sharing her afternoons with co-hosts Monty Dimond and Bec Judd every Wednesday from 3-4pm


1. What are you most excited for at Cancer Council's 7 Bridges Walk this year?
I can't wait to share the vibe with heaps of other people this year. It's amazing the way complete strangers can get together and find a positivity and a joy in doing something together that's fun, healthy, outdoor and good for the soul!
2. How many years have you participated in 7 Bridges Walk?
This is my first year ever.
3. Why are you participating in the 7 Bridges walk?
I lost my Dad to cancer, and have seen many others affected by cancer. So of course I want to do my bit for the Cancer Council of Australia. That's part of it. But I also love getting out amongst it. One thing that being around cancer makes you realise is that sometimes life is short! Enjoy it!
Do fun and challenging things, make the most of being here. I'm super excited about the Walk.
4. Do you have any tips for the day?
YES - this is a bit personal, but dude, make sure you cut your toenails before the walk. Trust me.
You'll be on those feet a lot, and working those shoes HEAPS. Long toenails are baaaad.
5. Will you be doing any training or preparation in the lead up to the day?
I'm trying to do a bit more running in my usual weekly workouts. I'll also be loading up my phone with podcasts so that I've got something to listen to if we run out of chit chat.
6. Why should the community get involved and fundraise?
Because they want to and they feel passionate about it. Not many people have gotten this far without being touched by cancer in some way. It can be a private thing that you keep quiet about, but I like to think it's paying tribute to the ones who aren't here any more and celebrating the ones who are.
7. What's the furthest you've walked before in one day and how does this compare to the 7 Bridges Walk 27km challenge?
Well actually the other day I was cross with my partner and went for a really long walk across both the Sydney Harbour Bridge AND the Anzac Bridge to let off steam! It was glorious! (I found out later I had PMS.) Around Easter I did an 84km bushwalk with two of my kids, but that was over 7 days. A few years ago I ran a half marathon (21km) and in September I am doing a 10km fun run. But I honestly can't say I have never done a 27km walk. Oh my God! What have I signed up for?!